All about crest penetration testing methodology

crest penetration testing methodology

The crest penetration testing methodology accredited by the Computer Reliability Engineering Society (CREST) in Singapore is seen as a mark of excellence. For enterprises in the United States and abroad, the cybersecurity services supplied by the organization’s members are of the highest quality and are crest authorized.

Since 2017, the CREST Accreditation of Icon PenTest-2 has been in effect

An authorized Singaporean cybersecurity consulting firm, SoftScheck, has expertise in penetration testing and various cybersecurity methods. For this research-driven company, promoting information security from the beginning for enterprises of any kind is central to its mission statement. Our experts can evaluate various systems, networks, and applications.

To begin, what does the acronym CREST stand for?

  • CREST is a well-known accreditation and certification body in technical information security. CREST is the industry’s voice on information security.
  • Providing guidance, standards, and possibilities for knowledge sharing and expansion; Validating the competence of the technical security professionals of member organizations;
  • We provide certifications and training to those entering or progressing in the security industry.
  • Professional services firms with suitable policies, methods, and procedures may provide penetration testing, threat intelligence, and cyber incident response services to qualified individuals with the most up-to-date knowledge, skills, and competence.

What’s the purpose of CRESTS

In a short period, SoftScheck has built a robust client base. In addition to our high level of technical skill and defined processes, we constantly strive to provide the best possible customer experience.