Working With Serviced Office Singapore

serviced office singapore

A serviced office is a meringue of different people, places, and technology. It promises to provide a highly flexible service agreement with additional services that are specific to your own business. On the other hand, traditional real estate office spaces only have a place to offer, making a serviced office singapore a better option than paying a lot of money for just the office space with a rigid lease.

The basic idea behind a serviced office

The business sector promises business growth with a collaborative community space with the essential services at your fingertips. Although serviced offices have been around for decades, the idea is fluid. It has experienced several significant changes over the past years to accommodate the needs of the companies. The basic idea behind a serviced office singaporeis to gain access to all the essential facilities that support the smooth functioning of your work.

serviced office singapore

Services provided and their necessity

These services include management of food and cleanliness, reception, help-desk facilities, etc. But its core offering remains the same – to provide furnished, fully equipped workspace on a flexible and inclusive basis. Thus, the services provided may change based on your company’s needs. Serviced offices come with flexible terms using a model where a rigid lease is absent and rather the payment is done on a “per desk” basis. This is essential for companies in a phase where they might need to upscale or down-scale the number of employees.