T-Shirt Uniform Printing Process Revealed – How to Choose the Right One?

T-shirt uniform printing has become quite popular. Often the method is used to put a symbol, a design or a picture on a normal T-shirt. It could possibly be done in order to add identity to an article of clothing, for the purpose of promoting a new name or for making a profit if you are selling T-shirts with original designs. The latter means that printing has to be carried out correctly to make certain that the end product is of a particular quality. Yet, irrespective of why you might decide to publish your own T-shirts, learning the appropriate method will make it less probable you will make many mistakes as soon as you are ready to try doing it yourself. You can have a great deal of fun doing so fairly simple job, the hardest part will probably be coming up with your own designs if you are going this route.

Printing on a routine T-shirt

To do this you will need a few things, mind you not that much. You should have a working computer and a program which lets you do routine designs using a picture editor or illustrator. Some of the more popular ones include CorelXara, PaintshopPro and Ulead Photo impact made especially for Windows O/S. As soon as you have a program that is ready to capture your layouts you may elect to use a graphic tablet if this is available for more precise drawings then you might have the ability to bring anything you have conceptualized to life. If you will be printing a photo in your T-shirt, then a photo editor will suffice, CS4 and the Gimp are both very good alternatives. Next you will need heat transfer paper and a competent printer which will capture the colours of your design. Eventually a white T-shirt or another colour preferably cotton may be used to make your own prints.

T-shirt Shopping

Starting and Completing the Process

To start draw your design using the chosen editor. This might take some time and is usually the longest portion of the procedure. While making your design take care to choose colours that will stick out on your custom uniform printing particularly.If you are not using the simple white commonly worn. You will have to take into account that the picture must not only look good in your computer but also visible and near spectacular on the soon to be published T-shirt. Thus, if you are using text choose bold colours that are set to complete opacity from the text selection area. If you are using a photo simply opt for a photograph that is vivid enough to be viewed on the T-shirt. Edit the photograph to adjust brightness and contrast among other things that will enhance the image’s visibility on the T-shirt. Print the altered mirror image on the heat transfer paper. Allow to dry before you touch it as this can cause it to smudge.