How to find people to travel with when you’re tired of your solo trip? 6 pieces of advice you might find useful

Even though many praises can be sung in favour of solo travelling, but at least equally many can be sung in favour of a shared experience. If you wish to switch over from being the first case to the latter and wonder how to find people to travel with, we’re here with a heap of good advice. So read on! We’ll break up the whole thing into the following:

  • Staying in hostels
  • Soaking up the culture and language
  • Opening up to strangers
  • Trying group tours
  • Taking part in activities that interest you
  • Looking on the internet

An easy way to find people to travel with is to stay in hostels

It’s obvious – where else do so many other travellers congregate, share a common space as well as their stories and plans? You can have a chat at breakfast, partake in one of the many common activities that a lot of hostels organise (pub crawls especially) – you basically can’t escape social interactions while staying in a hostel, even if you’re a shy and introverted type.

travel buddy that’s a perfect match for you

Immerse yourself in the language and culture of the place you’re in

Learning new languages and discovering local cultures and customs is one of the main, perhaps the chief reason why people travel, and you’d be missing out on a lot if you just quickly skim through every place and rely solely on your English and basic gestures to get by. You don’t have to be a pro – some basic phrases will get you a long way and are bound to make the locals open up to you. Once you’re out of the “just another tourist” zone, the possibilities widen dramatically. While you may not immediately find someone to accompany you on your journey among the natives, you could at least find a native guide or at least learn plenty of new things, tips and tricks.

If you are being aloof, stop it ASAP

Even if it doesn’t feel like being you – approach people more and be more approachable. Don’t fear striking a conversation with a complete stranger, no matter whether a local or a fellow tourist, no matter their gender and age. Everyone will have something interesting to say and who knows – perhaps your perfect travel partner is hiding among them, waiting to be found. The worst thing a lone traveller can do is to avoid talking to people like a plague!

How about giving group tours a chance?

That doesn’t mean giving up your freedom altogether. Just tag along with a group for a day trip, or a weekend trip, or a whole week trip. You may find it relaxing to stop worrying and solo planning for a while and just go with the flow. As a bonus, you’ll be in a company of other travellers that you can keep in touch with afterwards and plan your next adventure together.

Fish in your favourite waters

If you’re into art, lurk around museums. If you’re into clubbing – well, we probably don’t have to encourage you to go clubbing. If you’re into whatever interests you, look up that whatever in your vicinity and go there! Hang around people who love the same thing as you do and perhaps you’ll be in luck and meet the right buddy there!

Take advantage of the internet and its possibilities

There are dozens of apps connecting travellers worldwide, where you can take your pick from among thousands of cool people going to the same destination as you. Set up your own trip, entice others to join in, or join someone else on his or her journey. You can also try facebook and other social sites which could also turn into a goldmine of interesting people. Forums are also a good bet, as well as apps that offer tourist accommodation – it’s really up to you which way you decide to go about the whole thing.

Perhaps you know of more ways to find travellers to team up with? Don’t hesitate to share them with us! Anyway, finding a companion is half the battle – the other half is staying with them. What qualities do you look for in your travel mates? Give us your thoughts in the comments!