Hillcrest Country Club Raytown MO

The Hillcrest Country Club in Raytown is one of the spectacular golf clubs in the state of Missouri. The club has splendid facility for golf lovers from all around the state. Besides, Hillcrest is even famous for events and weddings. If there is a wedding coming soon and a banquet is required, reach out to the Hillcrest Country Club administration and schedule an event. Such a good facility is a blessing for the residents of Raytown.

Golf Course:

Playing golf in the Hillcrest Country Club is quite amazing. The members’ lounge is organized by an administration from Kansas City. Become a member to enjoy their finest golfing amnesties and facilities. And get a privilege to play in the leading courses in Missouri. Ahead of that, the golfers’ delight is further increased with the fresh cuisine available in the club. Try the lavish meal or the casual hi-tea and rejoice your taste buds.

Weddings and Events:

In the rush season it is quite hard to find a good banquet hall or space for the events and weddings. The event planners even confuse the customers with tiny spaces. For all those who are looking for a wedding and event, marquee and banquet halls, visit the Hillcrest Country Club. The administration claims that the hall has the space to accommodate 300 people. This much space is available in the Augusta and Broadmoor spaces are rented. Further, the hall is filled with pleasant amenities. They include the wooden dance floor, wrapped veranda, large windows with the lush green golf course outside and a classic fireplace.

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Ahead of that, the Hillcrest Country Club serves one of the best cuisines in the town. Certainly, guests at the wedding may love having that fabulous meal. And they may even suggest their friends and relatives arrange their events and Hillcrest just because of its delightful food. Further, the menu could be customized as per the guests’ tastes. Every function and celebration have their own taste. And following a standard menu does not really make the event enjoyable and Foundation Repair in Kansas City MO. Each event has a specialty linked to its food and drinks. That is why they even offer a customized menu.

Besides the hall, the lawn is also available for events and weddings. The event managers arrange the space so well, that everyone in the party may get busy taking selfies. Well, the administration has allotted the first Tee for the events and weddings. In a way, events get a dual touch of a lawn and golf course.

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